• Yellow Yard Main

    Not Just Any Yard Sale

    Comprised of independent traders with a shared vision, The Yellow Yard is responding creatively to economic change and breathing new life into Derry

  • A Balanced Homelife by Linda Conroy

    Visual Arts

    Jill Todd Photographic Award Exhibition Comes Home

    Though tinged with sadness, this annual celebration of new young talents remains bold and provoking in its Northern Ireland debut

  • Famla feature

    Performing Arts

    Playing Happy Families with John McCann

    Home truths are dragged from the past in the writer's first full-length drama, honed over six years with help from Tinderbox

  • Networking

    Working Towards a Comm(on) Goal

    Freelancers unite in a networking event to face challenges they each share and confront isolation felt within the independent industries

  • Joe Campbell - Dream at Bishop's Gate

    Visual Arts

    A Riot of Colour in Greater Shantallow

    Part of the Communities United festival, Joe Campbell's latest exhibition embodies a new hub of creativity hidden in Derry's industrial outskirts

  • Earnest Main

    Performing Arts

    Wilde Boys

    Bruiser and the MAC might be a match made in heaven on The Importance of Being Earnest, with an all-male cast looking at marriage through a modern lens

  • Meta Branded

    Visual Arts

    Changing Perceptions at Belfast Children's Festival

    Visionary artists Cleary Connolly lend a fresh pair of eyes with high-tech helmets designed to simulate how different creatures see the world

  • Wonderland Main

    Performing Arts

    Down the Rabbit Hole with Dave Willetts

    The veteran actor prepares for an adventure in Wonderland, as Lewis Carroll's beloved fantasy gets a musical makeover at the Millennium Forum

  • Women Writers on Writing


    Women Writers on Writing

    As female wordsmiths celebrate International Women's Day, Lucy Caldwell and Lesley Allen share advice on putting pen to paper and overcoming rejection

  • ESC Branded


    Big Screen Treatment for People in Isolation

    Therapeutic filmmaking is giving men marginalised through mental health issues and offending a chance to restore relationships and change their lives