• Writing Mental Health

    How Writing Helps with Mental Health

    Author Dan Mooney considers the ways in which literature benefits those who are suffering even if the reader is not

  • ROE

    You Call it Art, We Call Her ROE

    It's the younger generation who will bring about change for the better according to the Glastonbury-bound teen, who isn't worried about emerging in SOAK's wake

  • Father's Day 2017

    Ten Ways to Treat Your Dad this Father's Day

    Make this year one he'll always remember with these fun family activities plus ideas for great gifts to experience around Northern Ireland

  • Keith Acheson Main

    Getting a Read on Keith Acheson, Belfast Book Festival Director

    The man behind Belfast's leading literary event opens up about this year's programme, the titles he can't put down and why books are more important than ever

  • Ciaran McMenamin Main

    Rave Reviews: Ciarán McMenamin

    With its dark humour and '90s hedonism, the Fermanagh actor's first novel is like Trainspotting during the Troubles. Before opening the Belfast Book Festival, he talks about the positive reception and bringing Skintown to the big screen

  • Meilana Gillard Main

    Meilana Gillard's Reawakening

    After years out of the spotlight, the saxophonist speaks candidly about depression, getting help and returning with new album Dream Within a Dream

  • Tumble Circus Comp

    Twenty Years of Tumbling

    Boisterous, unpretentious and with a dark sense of humour – it's the circus act for Belfast. And two decades in, performers Ken and Tina may have found the perfect balance

  • Rathlin Sound 2017

    Bound for Rathlin Sound

    Organisers of the Maritime Festival tell us about the raft of events for all ages to enjoy between Ballycastle and Rathlin Island from May 26

  • Joseph Comp

    Joe McElderry is Still Living the Dream

    Seven years after his breakout success, the X Factor winner is savouring every opportunity while he can, whether in the studio or his blossoming stage career

  • Children's Books Claire Savage

    A Few of My Favourite Children's Books

    Author and Culture NI critic Claire Savage recalls the stories which enchanted her early years ahead of the launch of her own first novel for young readers