• Writing Mental Health

    How Writing Helps with Mental Health

    Author Dan Mooney considers the ways in which literature benefits those who are suffering even if the reader is not

  • Keith Acheson Main

    Getting a Read on Keith Acheson, Belfast Book Festival Director

    The man behind Belfast's leading literary event opens up about this year's programme, the titles he can't put down and why books are more important than ever

  • Ciaran McMenamin Main

    Rave Reviews: Ciarán McMenamin

    With its dark humour and '90s hedonism, the Fermanagh actor's first novel is like Trainspotting during the Troubles. Before opening the Belfast Book Festival, he talks about the positive reception and bringing Skintown to the big screen

  • Children's Books Claire Savage

    A Few of My Favourite Children's Books

    Author and Culture NI critic Claire Savage recalls the stories which enchanted her early years ahead of the launch of her own first novel for young readers

  • Jan Carson Haydn

    The Seven Last Words

    Responding to Haydn's 18th century composition hasn't been easy for author Jan Carson, yet the classical collaboration has still presented its own creative rewards

  • Women Writers on Writing

    Women Writers on Writing

    As female wordsmiths celebrate International Women's Day, Lucy Caldwell and Lesley Allen share advice on putting pen to paper and overcoming rejection

  • Write to Refuge

    Writers Respond to Refugee Images

    Glenn Patterson, Jan Carson and Colin Dardis imagine life as displaced people around the world, as part of Oxfam Ireland exhibition touring NI libraries

  • Authors

    Michael McLaverty Short Story Award

    Linen Hall Library names Cork writer Kevin Doyle as biennial competition winner with runners up Ciarán Folan and Sinéad Slattery

  • Blogging 2

    Do Authors Need to be Bloggers?

    A worthless distraction or a necessary means of interaction? Five local wordsmiths share their views on the lot of the modern writer

  • Heaney HomePlace Main

    Be Inspired by HomePlace this Season

    Events programmer Liam Browne on 'encapsulating' Seamus Heaney's vision and spirit at the new multi-function arts space celebrating his legacy in Bellaghy