• The Train Main

    There's a Train-a-Comin'

    Rough Magic's new musical is steaming towards Belfast, recreating the radical journey made by women in protest of Ireland's ban on birth control

  • Famla feature

    Playing Happy Families with John McCann

    Home truths are dragged from the past in the writer's first full-length drama, honed over six years with help from Tinderbox

  • Earnest Main

    Wilde Boys

    Bruiser and the MAC might be a match made in heaven on The Importance of Being Earnest, with an all-male cast looking at marriage through a modern lens

  • Wonderland Main

    Down the Rabbit Hole with Dave Willetts

    The veteran actor prepares for an adventure in Wonderland, as Lewis Carroll's beloved fantasy gets a musical makeover at the Millennium Forum

  • Nivelli's War Branded

    Children's Theatre: It's a Kind of Magic

    Cahoots NI is conjuring up something special with its revival of Nivelli's War and the sense of wonder its bringing from Belfast to Broadway

  • Reassembled, Slightly Askew

    Reassembled, Slightly Askew

    Head into an immersive audio-sensory simulation of artist Shannon Yee's life-changing brain injury as her binaural theatre production returns

  • Dirty Dancing Main

    From Classical Ballet to Dirty Dancing

    Former cruise ship performer Carlie Milner is having the time of her life in a new musical adaptation of the '80s favourite, soon to steam up the Millennium Forum

  • Green and Blue Main

    Taking Theatre Beyond the Border

    Kabosh's latest post-conflict play explores the relationship of RUC and Garda patrol officers stationed on opposite sides of Ireland's dividing line

  • Taylor Main

    Taylor Mac Takes Belfast Through Pop History

    New York drag artist urges conservative audiences to 'embrace the discomfort' of his glittering tour-de-force set for the MAC later this month

  • Hey You

    Consumerist Satire in Belfast - For a Limited Time Only!

    Joe Nawaz examines the modern human condition moulded by nonsensical sales speak and skin-deep marketing in new one-man motivational juggernaut 'Hey You!'