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Avalon Arts & Crafts Village
84 Royal Avenue
Haymarket Arcade
United Kingdom

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Avalon Arts & Crafts Village is a social enterprise company (currently going through the process of charitable status) set up to support the arts and crafts industry in Northern Ireland at a grass roots level

Avalon Arts & Crafts Village can help individuals, businesses and organisations explore and develop your creative side. From art development classes and workshops using a range of different creative mediums to working with disenfranchised youths, the elderly, low income families, single parents and people with disability to working with cultural and racial minorities Avalon Arts will show how arts, crafts, music and the power of the written word can cross cultural boundaries, language barriers, build confidence and self esteem as well as become a method of communication and self expression.

As a Not For Profit company we can help artists, crafters, musicians, writers and anyone working in the creative arts with a whole range of services, some of which are free of charge, others combined within our membership fee. These services include everything from promotion and marketing advice to merchandising, copyright, product sourcing and confidence and self-esteem building as well as putting you in contact with other organisations and individuals that can help you progress.

Avalon Arts & Crafts Village is not the start and end of your journey, unlike many other facilities set up to benefit the arts community we will be encouraging our network of artists and crafters to work within the Avalon network as well as beyond it. We currently operate 6 units within the Haymarket Arcade in Belfast which include everything from a charity shop and craft shop to a gallery, workshop space and pop up shop. If you would like to get involved simply email, text 07583254721 or call in Tuesday - Saturday10-5pm.