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Castlereagh Arts
1 Bradford Court
Upper Galwally
BT37 0SU
United Kingdom

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Arts Officer

Co Antrim

Wide range of arts and cultural activities and events offered to community groups and the general public across three annual programmes

Castlereagh Borough Council run a variety of community arts projects throughout the year which link with community development projects in the area. We have successfully assisted in the delivery of grass roots community arts through our continued sponsorship of Belvoir Players studio, Dundonald Arts Club, DAMD, and other groups, and will continue to work with you and your groups throughout the Borough.

Castlereagh Borough Council Community Services and Arts department will continue to provide support for Community Arts, as we recognize the important role that the arts can play in community development and in supporting social cohesion. If you or your group have ideas for arts events, please get in contact to see if we can help.