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Let's Knit Together
Salvation Army Shop
Broughshane Street
BT43 6EE
United Kingdom

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Shop Manageress

Co Antrim

Knit and Crochet Together, special items to gift to others in need.

Bringing a community together through a love of knitting, to create items for people less fortunate, to touch the heart of people around the world, with a simple gift. 'Lets Knit (Crochet) Together is a knitting group situated in Ballymena Northern Ireland, the ladies (gents) come together to knit on wednesday evening in the town, some knitters knit from all around the country and some have never met, the items they knit range from hairbands, pencil cases, hats and scarfs, baby clothes (for prem babies and sleeping angels) fish and chip jumpers, blankets and dog coats for local animal sanctuary.

The group has been made to bring a community (in town or further a field by networking online) share our stories, who we ca help, and ideas on what future projects we can do, can our group help yours? or vice versa. please feel free to use the group to showcase your work, ask for advice etc, please dont be shy and say hello.