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Sunlight Productions TAE
12 Queen's park
bt51 3jt
United Kingdom

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General Manager


Theatre AS Eduction company offering a wide range of workshops and classes structured to enable learning and development.

The objective of Sunlight Productions is to enable and advance the eduction of young learners and an appreciation of the art of drama for the benefit of the public. To interweave social and or eductional development of the young people involved in our dramatic productions or workshops.

Sunlight Productions was set up in 2006, making its debut in the Riverside Theatre Coleriane with a production of 'Off-off Broadway', containing two one-act plays dealing with relevant youth issues in the area. Since then Sunlight's staff have been involved with various youth services, using drama as a platform to reach young people in deprived areas, focusing on group development and community, giving the young people the tools to negotiate against peer pressure.

Sunlight Productions has an intense interest in bringing the arts, fun, creativity and the everyday social tasks together in all their Theatre AS Eduction activities. We aim to facilitate the development of young people beyond the classroom and into the community, using drama as the medium of expression and vehicle of learning.

Our S.T.E.D.A. courses are designed around the young people involved and end with a production that applies particpants pre-existing knowledge and understanding of issues with regard to provoked topics and questions by all courses particpants in a devised production. Sunlight Productions has been a member of N.I.T.A. since its founding.