Auld Lamas Fair in Ardboe

From the official programme of 1973

Over 100 years ago, writes Beatrice Miller, Ardboe used to be a place of importance in the buying and selling of livestock and household goods, as well as for entertainment. An Auld Lamas Fair survived there until at least the 1970s, the following extract is from the official programme of the fair held in August, 1973:

‘Each day and night of the fair the following items were continuously available.  O’Neills Amusements, any amount of stalls selling clothes, cakes, jam, yellow man and toys. And then there were Pony Riding, Boat Cruises, Golf Penalty Kicks, Balloon Races, 16 pound shot, Tyre Throwing, all these accompanied by teas and Eel Suppers.
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