The Great Unionist Convention of 1892

The delegates from Pomeroy

'The Great Unionist Convention of 1892’ was held in Belfast. The delegates from East and South Tyrone occupied a front position to the right side of the platform.

There were twenty delegates from Pomeroy Polling District, which included the following:
Rev. Robert Evans
Rev. William Glenn
Rev. James Hamilton
Robert W. Lowry
Major Thomas Lowry
Arthur Mulholland
James Ramsey
Samuel Jones
Robert Henry
Archibald Smyth
RD Trimble
Moses Douglas
James McClean
William Gilpin
James Smith
John Steenson
William Spence
George Buchanan
Joseph McClean
Samuel Watt

In total 12,000 people attended this event on 17th June 1892, which was chaired by Col JC Lowry.

Prior to the Convention, Orangemen had also attended Anti-Home Rule parades in Coleraine. The culmination of these events was the signing of ‘The Ulster Covenant’ in 1912, which for the Pomeroy area entailed a religious service in Pomeroy Parish Church led by Rev. Glenn followed by the signing of the Covenant.
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