Rural Showcase: Rathlin Island

Unique perspectives from the islanders

With support from The Rural Development Council and the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation, CultureNorthernIreland is pleased to present the following series of  22 articles about Rathlin Island, written by residents.

A Literary Odyssey – by Heather Newcombe
An overview of Rathlin’s annual literary weekend

A Rathlin Childhood – by Imelda McFaul
An islander recalls growing up on Rathlin

A Yachty Tale – by John McCurdy
An account of a reunion on Rathlin in 1998

A Year in the Life – by Augustine McCurdy
Why Rathlin Island is a place apart

Coming to Rathlin (1) – by Peggy McFaul
First impressions of Rathlin from the 1940s

Coming to Rathlin (2) – by Judy McCurdy
A young wife arrives in Rathlin in the 1970s

Coming to Rathlin (3) – by Alison McFaul
A city-dweller escapes the rat-race in the 1980s

Eye on the Island (series)- by Desima Connolly
A series of  archived articles about the arts on Rathlin (originally published during Summer 2005)

Faultlines – by Jonathan Mitchell
An introduction to the geology of Rathlin Island

Marconi and Rathlin – by Augustine McCurdy
Read about the activities of the wireless radio pioneer

Memories of a Lifetime – by Loughie McQuilkin
Recollections of one of Rathlin’s oldest residents

Natives of Rathlin – by John McCurdy
An islander tracks down emigrants

No Reader is an Island 1 – by Jonathan Mitchell
An overview of books about the history of Rathlin

No Reader is an Island 2 – by Jonathan Mitchell
An overview of books about folklore and legend on Rathlin

No Reader is an Island 3 – by Jonathan Mitchell
An overview of books about natural history, shipwrecks, place names and other studies of Rathlin

Rathlin Island and the Gaelic Language – by Augustine McCurdy
Learn about the Gaelic tradition and place names on the island

Rathlin Lighthouses – by Peggy McFaul
A profile of the three lighthouses on Rathlin

Rathlin since the Fifteenth Century – by Andy Keogh
A summary of events on the island from the 15th -17th Century.

Robert the Bruce on Rathlin – by Augustine McCurdy
The Scottish King used a Rathlin cave as a hide-out

The Ancient History of Rathlin Island (6000BC –AD400) – by Andy Keogh
Learn about Rathlin’s inhabitants from 6000BC onward

The Medieval History of Rathlin Island (400-1400) – by Andy Keogh
Learn about the various owners of the island during the Middle Ages

The Archaeology of Rathlin Island - by Jonathan Mitchell
Learn about artefacts on the Island from Neolithic to Viking times.