If You Go Down to the Woods Today...

Jacinta Owens enjoyed the variety in Portglenone Forest

Portglenone Forest‘A forest is the finest thing in the world: it is the expression of nature in the highest form: it is so full of beauty and variety,’ stated Dr Augustine Henry. 

A passionate botanist, Henry was dubbed the ‘father of commercial forestry’ and was responsible for planting 30 species of trees at Portglenone Forest alone. A memorial grove pays homage.
Portglenone Forest
Portglenone Forest is classified as ancient woodland and was once known as Glenconkeyne.

There are old beech and oak trees, and ground flora characteristic of ancient woodland cover, including wild garlic, wood anemone and bluebells. A more modern addition are giant clusters of fragrant rhododendron.

Portglenone ForestThere are many features to be discovered in the forest including waterfalls, holy wells and a secret ancient graveyard.

Portglenone Forest
The forest attracts all sorts of activities from walkers to joggers to swimmers (mostly canine).

Portglenone ForestAn irresistibly tactile wood carving commemorating an award for forestry management stands at the edge of the forest.

Portglenone Forest
The River Bann forms a natural boundary, with landing stages for boats.

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