Hillsborough Parish Church

Learn more about the history and architecture of this gothic church

Hillsborough Parish ChurchHillsborough Parish Church dates back to 1663. The church as you see it now was completed in 1773 by Wills Hills, the first Marquis of Downshire.

School Room
On either side of the church gate are two small buildings, erected as schoolrooms in 1772. Opposite is a bronze statue of the 4th marquis, carrying a shawl and a blackthorn, by SF Lynn.

Bird BathWilliam Harty was the church organist between 1878 and 1918. His son, Sir Hamilton Harty, the prolific conductor and composer whose works include Flight of the Wild Geese, is commemorated by a birdbath by Rosamund Praeger to the right of the church door.

The church is dedicated to Saint Malachi and combines Gothic revival with the flair and originality of its builder.

Stained Glass Window
The interior has many interesting artistic and architectural features. The colour pattern of the stained glass windows, for example, is set by the great window at the east end, designed by Sir Joshua Reynolds. The church has two organs, one by John Snetzler, the most famous organ builder of the 18th century. The distinctive ‘naked baby’ memorial to Henry and Peter Leslie is by Joseph Nollekens.

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