Jumping the Shark

Fresh off the pig's back, Those Who Can’t return with a brand new show

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A brand new hilarious comedy sketch show written & performed by Stephen Beggs, John Kelly & Rachael McCabe, with special guest Gary Wilson.

Those Who Can’t are back!


Reunited with John Kelly after their triumphant 2006 Cathedral Quarter Festival show On The Pig’s Back, Belfast comedy trio Those Who Can't return with their best show yet.

Join Christopher Walken on his walking tour of Ulster, find out what Steve Irwin’s been up to since his encounter with the stingray, choke back tears of sadness as Han Solo and Chewbacca are forced to begin relationship counselling and sit back and laugh as Russell Brand burns in the everlasting fires of hell.

What more could you ask for?

Northern Visions/Belfast Film Festival Space, Ground Floor 23, Donegal Street.

Wed 7th & Thurs 8th February 2007 at 8.00pm

Tickets priced £5.00 available on the door.