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CultureNorthernIreland's David Lewis undergoes a critical awakening in Belfast and Washington as part of the Arts Critic Exchange Program.

Martin Mooney explores the work of Northern Irish poet Seamus Heaney, Nobel laureate and the first heir to WB Yeats.

Kirsten Kearney talks to playwright and novelist Lucy Caldwell, author of Where They Were Missed.

Multi-award winning novelist Glenn Patterson explores new ways of understanding the history of Northern Ireland with his latest work, Lapsed Protestant.

Explore the work of experimental playwright Owen McCafferty, author of Mojo Mickybo and lover of the Belfast dialect.

Ophelia Byrne on Belfast born playwright Martin Lynch, co-author of The History of the Troubles (Accordin' To My Da). 

Belfast poet Kirsten Kearney will be travelling to the Anacostia district of Washington to work with a photography and poetry project, headed up by Belfast Exposed.   

From 'The Group' of masters, including Seamus Heaney, who refused to take sides, to the new generation writing in a time of peace, NI poets have kept their distance from politics.

Lisa McGee is one of Northern Ireland's most promising young writers. Read more about writing for stage and screen.

Michael Longley helped to blaze a trail for Northern Irish poetry in the 1960s. Read more about changing styles and the importance of symbolism.

Playwright Christina Reid writes about working-class, female Protestantism. Read more about putting women centre stage.