Dance Experts in Derry

Contact improvisation masterclass at the Waterside Theatre

'Introduction to Contact Improvisation' is a a weekend workshop and opportunity to learn contact improvisation dance from an experienced and respected teacher. in Derry.

Organised by Echo Echo dance company, the workshop takes place at the Waterside Theatre, Derry, September 29-30.

Co-founder and of Echo Echo, Steve Batts, has been teaching and performing in NI for many years, and is internationally renowned for his contact improvisation (CI) skills.

CI is an open dance form, accessible to everyone, in which participants explore movement through supporting the weight of another person, rolling, falling, leaning, sliding and suspending. Batts has taught this technique at dance festivals in countries such as Israel, Russia, Germany and Romania and has recently returned from the Moscow Contact Festival where he was invited to teach.

Batts looks forward to passing on his CI skills and expertise to the next generation of NI dance enthusiasts.

'I have been dancing and teaching contact improvisation since the early 1980s. It is undoubtedly one of my biggest and most consistent joys in life. This two-day workshop is a wonderful chance to meet and communicate with other people in a very special way. Participants can learn the benefits of contact improvisation and find out why I am so passionate about it.'

Echo Echo's contact improvisation workshop, the Waterside Theatre, September 29-30.

The masterclass costs £40 for two days with £20 concession and limited bursaries available. Place limited to 25 so prospective participants are encouraged to book their place early.

Contact Echo Echo on 028 7134 2266.