Culture Live!

CultureNorthernIreland joins forces with Audiences NI for new events listings service

2008 promises to be an exciting year for CultureNorthernIreland, with the launch next month of a new Culture Live! events listings service, in partnership with Audiences NI.

The free service will provide info on upcoming gigs, plays, films, festivals, club nights, art exhibitions, tourist attractions, and much more.

Web users will be able to search for events months in advance from hundreds of venues across Northern Ireland, with direct links to online ticketing. They will continue to enjoy CultureNorthernIreland’s features, reviews, audio and video clips, exclusive ticket offers and competition prizes.
CultureNorthernIreland's director David Lewis said: 'Culture Live! is Northern Ireland's first comprehensive events listings service. Too many people miss out because they don't hear about what's going on. Our new website will give them no excuse!'

The revamped website will also contain more interactive features, including a blog of the latest stories from the arts scene, a monthly Culture Live! e-newsletter, and the opportunity for users to post photographs and multimedia content.

‘Since its inception in 2004 CultureNorthernIreland has become NI’s foremost arts and cultural website, with over 500,000 visitors a year,’ Lewis added. ‘Our new events listings service provides the logical final step in translating a virtual cultural experience into a real experience of culture and arts in NI, benefiting both the arts sector and the cultural tourism industry.

The Culture Live! service is the result of a partnership between CultureNorthernIreland and Audiences NI, Northern Ireland’s audience development agency.

'We’re delighted to be joining forces with CultureNorthernIreland,' said Steven Hadley, CEO of Audiences NI. ‘From research we’ve carried out it’s clear that the majority of audiences want, and indeed expect, to access information about cultural events by email or online.

'We’re committed to providing as many ways as possible for people to access and participate in the arts. The Culture Live! service will fully harness the capabilities of new online technology, using audio and video Podcasts to communicate the full experiential impact of live culture.

'With the expertise of Audiences NI on board we are confident that the new CultureNorthernIreland website will be a powerful marketing tool for the arts sector.’