The Amelia Earhart Cottage Museum

Find out about the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo

The Amelia Earhart Cottage is named in the honour of the famous American aviator who became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932.
It was at the conclusion of this epic journey that Earhart sealed her place in the history of the City by landing in a field in Ballyarnett, to the north of the City Centre.
Earhart’s original intention had been to land in Paris as an imitation of the pioneering flight of Charles Lindbergh, but she ran into difficulties and was forced to land at the first available opportunity. This misfortune earned Derry a place in the record books and Earhart a place close to the heart of the City.
Earhart’s achievement and accidental connection with Derry are celebrated today at the Amelia Earhart Cottage, which can be found at the Ballyarnett site of her landing. The Cottage is located in amidst a public park and wildlife sanctuary which overlooks Ballyarnett lakes.