Victor Sloan

Mixed-media artist exploring the Northern Irish conflict.

Victor Sloan was born in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone in 1945, and studied at the Belfast College of Art and Leeds College of Art and Design. His work explores the relics of history, religion and conflict which underpin Northern Ireland society.

Sloane’s photoworks are produced as installations, screen prints and etchings and combine elements of drawing with photography. Sloan alters the photographic image by drawing, painting, using mixed media and collage on the negative and, or print.

In 'Holding the Rope' a little girl in white dress walks forward, assisting in a ‘celebration’ reminiscent of the twelfth of July marches. Sloan depicts her inclusion as an initiation rite, where the child unknowingly will tread a disputed and marshalled route, as signified by the black clad police who occupy the right half of the picture space. She will eventually enter the ‘field’.

He has more recently been concerned with making works which locate Ireland within a European context. Victor Sloan has taken part in many exhibitions. His work has been shown extensively in Ireland as well as in London, Germany, the USA and Canada.