The Calgagh Centre

A dramatic introduction to the history of the Celts...

A dramatic introduction to the history of the Celts, the Fifth Province is an entertaining and informative examination of the essence of Irishness. Despite a history steeped in battle, the Celts never formed an empire of their own – yet today up to 70 million people around the world can claim Celtic ancestry. The unique history and the development of the Celtic nation gives us all a which can be clearly traced back to our ancestors. This linkage exists, within the realms of our imagination and can be visualised as the Fifth province of Ireland – the Celtic Empire spanning time and space.
Our search for the Fifth Province takes place over four distinct phases. As an introduction we begin at a local level, with a look at how Derry has developed from its foundation as a Pre-Christian settlement by Calgach, an ancient Celtic warrior king, through the arrival of Christianity, invasion and conflict, into the thriving modern city that we enjoy today. The impact of the Celtic mind can still be seen and felt throughout the city, as Calgach’s legacy remains in us all.The Calgagh Centre
In the second section these themes are expanded and developed through a history of Ireland as a whole. We are taken in the mythical Celtic time chariot, the Tuath de Denaan, deep in to Celtic psyche to experience the impact of Ireland’s unique history of conflict, invasion and emigration on the formation of the Fifth province. The heritage of over 2000 years is distilled into this section as the most exciting and innovative modern technology is used to take us to the heart of the ancient world.
The third phase of our journey brings the concept of the Fifth Province up to date, with a look at the reality of the Celtic bond today. Derry’s ancient founder, Calgach introduces us to three children – one from Derry, one from Australia and the other from the USA. These children from around the world are taken back through time by Calgach to their ancestry and recognize the heritage that they share through the Fifth Province, which transcends time and space.
Finally the tour presents a more detailed examination of Irishness. It is the uniquely rich and vibrant culture of this island that is the essence of the Fifth Province. Celtic identity is widely characterised and expressed through music, song and literature and here we are taken on a celebration of this. This cultural expression is the physical manifestation of the Fifth Province, forming a focal point for descendants of the Celts all over the world. Our journey ends with a reflection of the shared pride in all that is our ancient, vital heritage.