How to add your events to Art Take part

This step-by-step guide helps you get used to Art Take Part's new feature, user submitted events which will be listed in the events page.

Important: when uploading an event to Art Take Part, you must select the category Classes & Courses for it to end up on the site


Art Take Part has just added a new feature that allows users and groups to add their own events. This enables you to engage with new audiences, both through the events listings and the Art Take Part twitter, which constantly updates with the day's latest events. To add your own event, just visit this link. For further directions, just follow the step-by-step instructions below:



This is what you should be seeing upon following the link.




Scroll down the page and you'll find this form. Fill in the approriate details, including roughly how often you hold events, your event's name and a brief summary. We've written our own example summary for you to see above. Following that, write a more indepth description of the event, including as many details as you like.


Further down the page is space for more details. Important: when uploading an event to Art Take Part, you must select the category Classes & Courses for it to end up on the site. When you have done that, entered target ages, your website and number, press "Next Step" to continue.


Next you can choose the dates your event runs on, whether you're picking specific dates or a length of days during which your event runs.


If you have picked out specific dates, you will be asked to list the start and finish times for each individual day of the event. Or....

If you chose the "Long-running event" option, you will be asked how often the event runs, on what days of the week and also the start and finish times of each day. When you are done with this, press "Next Step".


This is the Venue page, where you enter the location of the event. You don't have to add in the full details of the address, but if you have them, it can pinpoint the location for you and your audience's convenience. When you've entered your information, press "Next Step"


On this page, you can type in the types of tickets on offer. Enter ticket type (or free, if the event is free) and the price. When you've done that, press Save. You can add multiple ticket options this way. Beneath, you can also enter the URL if there's a page readers can directly buy tickets from. Once you're done here, click "Next Step".


On this page, you can add event images by clicking the "Pick and upload images" and browing your computer for an image that will draw attention and advertise your event for you, making it ten times more likely to succeed.. When youv'e done that, click "Next Step" to move onto the final page.


FInally, you can add a date for when you expect your next future event to be. If you don't know, however, you can just leave it blank. Finally, hit the "Submit" button.


And you're done! We hope this tutorial has been an informative, easy to understand guide, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them to or, if you're having technical problems with the website, you can get help from the Culture NI team at