Craigavon Historical Society

Dedicated to recording aspects of our culture and built heritage which are under threat

Craigavon Historical Society was formed in April 1967 when work started on Brownlow, the first sector of the new town of Craigavon, north Armagh. Membership has grown steadily, and the society now has over 100 members drawn from all communities and from around the world.

The society is dedicated to the study of local history, particularly in the Craigavon area, and to recording aspects of our culture and built heritage which are under threat. It supports local initiatives such as the formation of a collection of agricultural implements at Ardress House, the Craigavon Museum, and the study of history in schools.

The society hosts a series of lectures each year, starting with the Philip Wilson Memorial Lecture each September, and followed by monthly lectures from October through to April. These lectures cover a wide range of topics ranging from social and industrial history to musical and literary heritage. In addition to local experts, the society draws upon contributions from a wide range of academics and social historians.

Craigavon Historical Society has published its biennial journal Review since 1969. It has also published town trails for both Lurgan and Portadown in Co Armagh.

More information about the society and its publications, including material from Review, can be found on a dedicated website (see external link below).

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