Carnmoney Hill

A wildlife oasis on the outskirts of Belfast

Carnmoney Hill rises majestically out of the suburbs of northeast Belfast, one of a chain of hills that watch over the city. Here, the Woodland Trust—one of the UK’s leading woodland conservation charities—has embarked upon one of the largest native woodland creation projects in Northern Ireland.

Thanks to an agreement with Newtownabbey Borough Council, a mixture of habitats including grassland, wetland and woodland are now under the conservation management of the trust.

The planting of 50,000 native trees, now well underway, will link and bolster the existing fragments of ancient woodland on the hill, creating a valuable new habitat for wildlife. The trust also plans to retain the hilltop’s mature hedgerows and old field patterns.

As well as bringing new life to the Newtownabbey landscape and providing homes for wildlife, this large scale venture will bring numerous benefits to local people and improved access routes enable walkers to explore the hill’s beauty and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Newtownabbey Borough Council, Environment and Heritage Service, Forest Service and the New Opportunities Fund have all given financial support to the Carnmoney Hill project.

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