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Revealing Ulster's role in the Slave Trade and Abolition of Slavery

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness opens Hidden Connections
'We can all draw inspiration from the people whose courage and determination we are celebrating'

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Foreword from Grace McGrath of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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Slavery and the rise of the Slave Trade
The discovery of the Americas and creation of colonies bring the need for cheap labour

The Triangle
On average ten per cent of slaves died on the voyage at sea

John Newton
Converted to the anti-slavery cause

North America and the USA
The transatlantic trade and seeds of abolition

It was inevitable that sugar production and the slave trade should become inextricably linked 

Slavery & Belfast
Belfast's trade with the West Indies was more important than its trade with continental Europe 

The Abolitionist Movement
William Wilberforce began his campaign to abolish the slave trade in 1798

The Abolitionist Movement in Ireland
'May God eternally damn the soul of the man who subscribes the first guinea'

A Terrible Testimony
The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equiano became a best seller in Ireland

Catholic Emancipation
The campaign for Catholic emancipation was led by prominent barrister Daniel O'Connell

JubileeJubilee: From Slaves to Freedpeople
The Civil War and emancipation

A Revolution Half Accomplished"A Revolution Half Accomplished"
First steps to freedom

Land and LabourLand Labour
The landowners pull the strings

A 'Counterrevolution of Property'A 'Counterrevolution of Property'
White paramiliaries and the Klu Klux Klan

Back Toward SlaveryBack Toward Slavery
The defeat of Reconstruction 

Slavery and the archives at PRONI
Historical documents at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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