Listen to The Blindboy Podcast recorded live in Belfast

The Rubberbandits man hosted an entertaining and informative chat with one of the city's well known Troubles tour guides recently at a packed Duncairn Centre

In the space of a few short months Blindboy Boatclub has gone from being known primarily as plastic bag-wearing mouthpiece of comedy music/sketch duo the Rubberbandits, to author of a critically acclaimed collection of short stories, esteemed spokesperson on subjects such as mental health and, for the past 17 weeks, host of Ireland's number one podcast.

Initially conceived to help promote his book, the latter in particular has allowed Blindboy to cultivate a more focused fanbase who tune in on a weekly basis to hear his wonderfully tangential rambles covering everything from his own creative processes and 'hot takes' on current news topics to riveting deep dives into human history. All delivered in his soft Limerick brogue and underscored with a bed of soothing jazz music, it's a unique package and no surprise that he is now bringing the podcast into the live audience setting – though granted not the intimate listening experience of his regular installments.

Prior to this week's announcement of a show to be held at The Limelight on Friday May 4, Belfast's Duncairn arts centre became the first venue to host Blindboy for a recording outside of his home studio, where he was joined for the duration by 'Donzo' from the city's award-winning DC walking tours. With the Rubberbandits man functioning as a relative outsider, the two engage in a lively and entertaining discussion about Northern Ireland's political and religious landscape, from the historic intricacies of the conflict to views on murals, peace walls, country music and much more besides.

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