Street Artist Has Carl in his Corner

'The Jackal' champions new Belfast culture mural created by Dean Kane aka Visual Waste as part of Harp's 'Pure Here' campaign

It has often been said that boxing is more of an art than a sport. From Muhammad Ali to Floyd 'Money' Mayweather, the greats have more closely resembled measured and poetic practitioners than brutal combatants.

Now Belfast's own Carl Frampton has come out swinging in support of local artist Dean Kane aka Visual Waste, whose new mural illustrates some of the best-loved things from the city – including 'The Jackal' himself.

Commissioned as part of Harp's current 'Pure Here' campaign, the piece can be seen on Hill Street in the Cathedral Quarter. Also featured in it are the Harland and Wolff cranes, the Big Fish and Belfast City Hall, as well as local celebrities including UTV presenter Julian Simmons.

Harp Pure Here Mural 1

'Everybody knows I love Belfast so to be involved with something that’s really positive in the heart of the town, it was a no-brainer for me,' said Frampton. 'Harp’s ‘Pure Here’ is a lot of fun, a really upbeat campaign that’s celebrating lots of great things that are unique to Northern Ireland.'

Kane's distinctive work is quickly becoming a staple of the city, with many locations now marked by his pop culture portraits, from Game of Thrones to David Bowie. 'Belfast has been famous for murals for a long time,' he said. 'This one is a bit different because it’s very tongue in cheek. I hope it cheers people up when they’re dandering along Hill Street and take a look up at it.'

The mural is a first for Harp, whose Brand Manager Jeanette Levis commented: 'Harp is one of NI’s most-loved lagers and this is our way of celebrating all that is magical about Belfast – the unique sense of humour and the quirks that make it so special.'

The ongoing ‘Pure Here’ campaign will see the drink company continuing to work with local talent and consumers to champion the best bits of Northern Ireland. See more of Visual Waste's work at