Weave goodbye to season seven of Game of Thrones with this epic tapestry time-lapse

Tourism Ireland's latest campaign allows Ulster Museum visitors to relive the entire series so far as it heads into hibernation

Having aired the finale of its penultimate season earlier this week, Game of Thrones will be going into hibernation until it next returns to screens for its epic conclusion sometime in 2019.

Fans of the HBO series were long promised that winter was coming, yet many never forecasted quite such a layoff before the story draws to a close with one dramatic last run of episodes.

Thankfully though there's plenty of things to help bridge the gap, one of which is Tourism Ireland's latest campaign which follows last year's award-winning doors found throughout the country.

'Rolled' out in a similar week-by-week fashion has been the Game of Thrones tapestry, which hangs in Belfast's Ulster Museum and features notable scenes carefully woven into a series of panels. If you aren't caught up as far as episode six of season seven then beware of spoilers ahead.

This week’s section of tapestry includes a collection of scenes from 'Beyond the Wall', the season's penultimate episode: after Jon’s raiding party beyond the Wall successfully captures a Wight to take back as evidence for Cersei, the group is besieged on a small island surrounded by thin ice and the Night King’s army of the dead. With Thoros dead, and the rest of the group surrounded by Wights, Daenerys arrives with her dragons Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. Before Daenerys’ dragons can do any more harm to the Night King’s army, the Night King is able to kill Viserion with a giant ice spear. After the shock of seeing Viserion fall, the remaining survivors of the northern raiding party are forced to make a hurried escape on the back of Drogon – leaving Jon behind, to be saved at the last minute by his uncle Benjin.

As well as the time-lapse video, Tourism Ireland has also continues with its series of cinemagraphs (or 'living' photograph) as part of the campaign – this week with an animated version of a scene from episode 8 of season 5, 'Hardhome'. Jon and the wildings are attacked by an army of Wights led by the White Walkers. As the survivors sail away, they witness the Night's King resurrect the deceased Wildlings as Wights.

There's also now a newly-released 'making-of' film which details how the 80 metre long attraction was hand-woven using linen from Thomas Ferguson’s in Banbridge. Sixty-six metres of the Bayeux-style tapestry were created prior to the season seven premiere, with new sections being added this summer after each episode aired.

Meanwhile, fans can peruse a digitised version using an interactive Game of Thrones tapestry web app which allows users to share specific sections and scenes on social media, and find out about related filming locations across Northern Ireland. Go to www.ireland.com/features/game-of-thrones-tapestry to start exploring.

The Game of Thrones tapestry is on display now at the Ulster Museum, Belfast. For more information including opening times and admission charges please go to www.nmni.com/um.