Belfast Does The Robot

Sci-fi exhibition returns to Titanic Belfast from June 26 to September 13, featuring R2D2, the Terminator and lots of interesting film memorabilia

Titanic Belfast is preparing for a robot invasion as famous cinema cyborgs and androids boot up to go on display to the public this summer.

Over 50 pieces of film memorabilia are set to be showcased from June 26 until September 13, including lifesize replicas of R2D2 from Star Wars and Terminator 2's legendary T-800 model.

Also appearing amongst the treasure trove of sci-fi cybernetic set-pieces will be Iron Man, sure to be a popular draw hot on the heels of the latest Avengers blockbuster, alongside RoboCop and even Michael Jackson's bust from the 1988 extended music video Moonwalker.

It's not the first time that Northern Irish audiences have had the pleasure of the exhibition.

Covering a 2012 residency at the Oriel Gallery in Antrim, Culture NI critic Peter McCaughan wrote: 'Undoubtedly, Robot Exhibition will appeal to movie buffs of a certain age, being largely comprised of 1970s and 80s sci-fi memorabilia.

'However, it is more family friendly and intergenerational than one might think – the overly wordy blurb that accompanies many exhibitions is replaced with easily digestible facts about the pieces and the films from which these exhibit are derived.

'Some may conceivably dispute the artistic value of such an exhibition. But one should remember that, while some movie fans admire those auteur directors and method actors who take their work oh so seriously, others idolise the SFX houses that help them to bring their visions to life on screen.'

Robots runs from June 26 - September 13 at Titanic Belfast. For more exhibitions and events taking place in Belfast and further afield, visit our new What's On section.