Terry Blain: My Culture NI

'Its archival and historical value are considerable... It seems to me hugely sad that a proven centre of journalistic excellence such as Culture NI is being done away with'

I've written for Culture NI for the past four years, and one thing that has struck me very forcibly is how important the various artists and creative people whose work I've written about feel Culture NI's coverage has been to them.

They view it as crucial to getting news of their activities out to the general public, and feel that it significantly enhances their profile, and their ability to get people interested in their product.

They also know that Culture NI is the only organisation out there covering the Northern Ireland arts scene in detail, day in, day out, and that coverage in other publications is sporadic and in general very limited.

I am leaving Northern Ireland shortly and feel I can therefore speak with some objectivity when I say that Culture NI provides a crucial service in greatly raising the profile of what artists do here, and in fostering participation in cultural events and activities.

It is a unique service – no other publication has anything like its breadth and depth of coverage – and its hard-working, dedicated editorial team goes out of its way to ensure that the site is wide-ranging and inclusive in its content.

It seems to me hugely sad that a proven centre of journalistic excellence such as Culture NI is at a stroke being done away with. It is such an accessible and authoritative window into the arts world in Northern Ireland, both for those who live here and those from other parts of the world. Its longer-term archival and historical value are also very considerable, and this will now be lost also.

I hope some way will be found to keep Culture NI going to at least the level it is reaching at present, even though I personally will no longer have the pleasure and privilege of working for it.

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