Silence is Deafening for Dylan Quinn

In new two-person dance production 'Tost' the daring choreographer seeks to explore the nature of 'the space between' verbal communication

The title of Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre's new production is Tost, a word with roots in ancient Irish and meaning 'silence', the communication in between, which is not spoken. Tost features two dancers in a space between words and worlds, in the silence between language, action and thought and explores the nature of intended meaning and perceived understanding.

Tost is a performance that reflects the times we are living in, it reflects our world now. The performance takes its cue from the observations of artistic director and performer Dylan Quinn, who was keen to investigate the multitude of ways we interpret the silent space, the space where understanding and misunderstanding cross over and where some are abandoned.

In our contemporary world millions are being forced to risk their lives in the search for security. As geographical borders are being crossed entrenched identities are being questioned. The language of inclusion and exclusion feeds the daily diatribe of the other, where what is heard is not necessarily what is said.

If the language that gives us a set of 'signs' and 'rules' becomes vulnerable or is unknown, how do we communicate and where does the true meaning of what we are communicating reside?

Dylan Quinn, choreographer and director said: 'Through performance, we are exploring 'the space between', the possibilities and the challenges of understanding or misunderstanding what is said and done in this space of delayed conclusion, and often wrong conclusion, a potential danger zone.

'This newly devised production is part of an ongoing exploration for me around the idea of how we struggle with the changing nature of identity in our modern world.'

Tost 2

The award-winning company brings together the collaborative talents of international dancers Dylan Quinn and Jenny Ecke, set design from renowned Irish artist Paddy McCann, who recent exhibited at The MAC, and choreography to the music of prized composer Andy Garbi, whose music recently featured in the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 15/16 fashion show in Paris.

Collectively the high calibre creative team and performers provoke discussion about a powerful new language where the silence between the words influences most where our changing society takes us.

Tost is a dynamic performance that responds intuitively through the medium of contemporary dance to the unstoppable changing nature of modern-day cultural landscapes. The styles of movement and performance are varied, at times playful and explorative. It is a choreographed platform, evolving in front of the audience, who are voyeurs, observing and considering the power of silent space.

Gilly Campbell, Arts Development Officer at the Arts Council of Northern Ireland said: 'Dylan and his company bring to the stage a fearless passion. Their chosen performance themes offer a safe platform for important discussion and they are to be applauded for this.'

Produced by a company well known for their unflinching exploration of challenging themes, Tost is the next staging post in a trilogy that explores our changing culture. The first in the series, The 5th Province was met with critical acclaim when it premiered at The MAC last January.

Tost premieres at The MAC on March 19 as part of the Imagine! Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics before moving to the Strule Arts Centre, Omagh March 23. Tickets are available to book via (£15) and (£7). Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support of the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.