Bronagh Waugh Raises a Glass to Pintsized Productions

The Fall actress returns to Belfast ahead of theatre company for emerging talent's newest show at Open House and EastSide Arts festivals

Northern Ireland actress Bronagh Waugh was back in Belfast to launch the current run of her theatre company's latest production at venues across the city and beyond.

Pintsized Productions was founded in 2009 by the star of BBC Two's The Fall alongside actor Gerard McCabe, now the company's Artistic Director, with the aim of offering professional opportunities to emerging local talent. Its petite projects showcase rising performers by allowing them to collaborate with established artists.

Having enjoyed a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Féile an Phobail and The MAC's Pick 'n' Mix Festival, Pintsized Surprise takes to the road again this month, performing at venues including the Short Strand Community Centre and Fealty's, Bangor as part of the EastSide Arts and Open House festival programmes.

Bronagh Waugh Gerard McCabe

'Pintsized Surprise is exactly that', says McCabe. 'The audience will meet at a preordained place and then, quite literally, taken on a journey into the unknown.

'Of course having no idea what the production is about we are asking the audience to take a risk but that is the thrill of the entire production as the wonder and tension of the unknown creates the overall atmosphere of the event.'

Pintsized Surprise runs at the Doorsteps Café on August 10 and 11, Duncairn Arts Centre on August 19, Southbank on August 20 and 21, Shortstrand Community Centre on August 22, Portview Trade Centre on August 24, Spectrum Centre on August 27 and Fealty's (back bar) on August 22 and 28.