The Fall Season Three Confirmed

New episodes of BBC Two serial killer drama commissioned with Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson set to reprise roles

It's already Northern Ireland's most successful television series of all time, and now serial killer drama The Fall has been confirmed to return to BBC Two for a third series in 2016.

While the first and second seasons received mixed reviews – with many commentators deriding the 'classy misogyny' of a slick drama following the exploits of a Belfast-based serial killer (Jamie Dornan), and the female Superintendent (Gillian Anderson) charged with tracking him down – the success of Fifty Shades of Grey has since exposed Dornan to audiences worldwide, making the Holywood star a household name.

Viewers unsatisfied with the open-ended finale to season two should have more comfort heading towards the show's closing run with creator Allan Cubitt claiming he already had its ending in mind ahead of getting the green light on the final five episodes.

Series three of The Fall is expected to air on BBC Two in 2016.