After 68

After 68 presents a bleak picture of how war can tear family and community asunder

Made in 1993 by Mammoth Films, After 68 is the story of Frieda, a young girl growing up in Derry during the 1960s and her attempts to have a normal adolescence despite the violence which surrounds her

The film is unusual in that it contains no dialogue whatsoever. Instead Frieda narrates past events. 

Frieda is the result of a brief liason between a Catholic woman and a Protestant City Councillor, Mr Craig whose longsuffering wife visits Frieda and her mother and helps them financially.

At this time the Civil Rights Movement begins and Frieda’s mother is assaulted by the RUC during the four day march from Belfast to Derry which was ambushed by at Burntollet Bridge by loyalists. 

Frieda’s father joins the newly formed Ulster Defence Regiment while in 1971 the IRA kill a soldier at the end of her street. 

The events of bloody Sunday prompt Frieda and her mother to leave Derry and they move to a cottage in Donegal. 

Frieda’s father is killed while on patrol and when she and her mother return to Derry for the funeral Frieda sees her old boyfriend with a rifle at an IRA checkpoint in the city.

The film won Best European Short at the 1993 Cork Film Festival.