Animate Your Rights

Campaigners and students unite with the Belfast Film Festival to highlight Human Rights

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has produced Animate Your Rights, an exciting exhibition showcasing a series of short films and visuals produced by students on the theme of human rights.

The exhibition aims to promote a greater awareness of human rights in Northern Ireland and features as part of the Belfast Film Festival, screening continuously in the Queen's Film Theatre Foyer throughout the festival.

Gareth Humphreys

'I want to commend all the students who feature in this exhibition for their hard work and commitment to the project,' said Northern Ireland Human Rights Commissioner, Professor Monica McWilliams.

'The high level of talent displayed is truly inspiring. By gaining a better understanding of human rights, hopefully we can build a better future based on respect and our common dignity.'

Daniel McLoskey

Human Rights Day is observed by the international community every year on 10 December. It commemorates the day in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission was established in 1999, by the Northern Ireland Act 1998, to protect and promote the human rights of everyone in Northern Ireland.

Leanne McCallum

The powers and functions of the Commission include reviewing law and practice, advising the government, promoting an awareness of human rights and taking cases to court.

'We are delighted to have been able to support this compelling exhibition,' said University of Ulster Provost, Professor Bill Clarke.

'Animate Your Rights provides an excellent showcase for the innovative work of Northern Ireland’s next generation of visual communications professionals, and highlights a topic of increasing importance for us all.'

John Murray

Twelve of the animations submitted by students are showcased on a specially produced DVD together with associated visuals and an information leaflet.

Since 2005, an awards scheme organised by the Human Rights Commission has recognised this work. A top prize of £1,000 is provided as first prize which this year was awarded to Gareth Humphreys.

Animate your Rights will be on tour throughout Northern Ireland during 2008. Contact the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission if you would like to host the exhibition.

The Animate Your Rights Exhibition is currently hosted in the Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast, as part of the Belfast Film Festival.