Daily Strife

Vote for Northern Ireland production team as part of RTE’s Storyland 2 web competition

Audiences call the shots and vote ‘Big Brother style’ for their favourite drama on RTE's Storyland 2 - the series with the lowest votes is eliminated each week while the others get funding for more episodes.

County Down media producer Máirín Murray is hoping the audience connects with Daily Strife, and likes the web-based comedy drama enough to vote on the Storyland website.

'Daily Strife is a bit like The Office meets Mr Bean,' Murray explains. 'It tells the story of Glenn, a middle-aged man who wants to change his life but finds daily strife keeps getting in the way. It’s a comedy set in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland and it’s about what happens when all our pretentions are stripped away.'

Murray is excited about how the project involves the viewers. ‘I guess the danger is that it turns into a popularity contest all about who has the most Facebook friends and the biggest cast with the most online friends.

‘But it is amazing how things are shifting and as a producer it's no longer about just making a product but creating a buzz and getting online audiences engaged and part of the production.

'I'm really keen on involving audiences in other ways such as getting them to suggest storylines and even talent so that the line between producer and audience is further blurred.’

The making of the film involved its own measure of daily strife for cast and crew. Filming took place outdoors in Wicklow in January, with snow, ice and frozen fog hampering proceedings.

'It's been a tricky project,' Murray concludes. 'The timeline was crazily short. The budget was tight considering our ambition for the project. And then during filming week we had snow, frozen fog and compacted ice to deal with - but we kept working on while the rest of Dublin ground to a halt and declared a state of emergency. The show must go on!'

Daily Strife webisodes are available for viewing on RTE Storyland and voting continues until February 16.

Eddie Mullan