Jon Stewart Discusses 2015 UK General Election

Outgoing host of America's most successful satirical programme, The Daily Show, comments on UK electorate's ability to accomplish 'terrible results' in record time

Jon Stewart, outgoing host of the phenomenally successful American satirical programme The Daily Show, has had his say on the 2015 UK general election.

Talking with Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow, the comedian turned film director – who is due to step down from his presenting role on the Comedy Central programme later this year – expressed his disatisfaction with the American media and electoral system, and admiration for the institutions in place in the UK, which he believes are 'more serious' and therefore slightly more effective.

Stewart also predicted that the eventual result of the UK general election could rest on the Scottish National Party vote, and joked that the UK electorate will only be happy when they are presented with a Miliband brother they can trust. Watch the full interview below.