Don't feel shame over liking silent movies, Queen's Film Theatre is there for you this January

Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of yet another year? Why not ease into 2012 with Queen's Film Theatre's new monthly programme. January is an eclectic month, with everything from silent movies to political documentaries on offer, and QFT manager Susan Picken guides the way in the video below.

Michel Hazanavicius's The Artist is an oddity. While other film-makers embrace new technology, Hazanavicius decided even sound was too new-fangled. Shot in black and white, his feature is a lush, mannered romance that follows the fall of silent movie star George Valentin and the rise of his one-time protegee, talkies actress Peppy Miller. Even the Jack Russell has received plaudits!

Enjoyed the BBC's adaptation of Great Expectations over Christmas? As part of the Dickens bicentary celebrations QFT will be showing a selection documentaries and adaptations, starting with Dickens Before Sound. See how the very earliest directors translated Dickens' stories from page to screen.

There is also a post-Christmas look at a 1901 version of A Christmas Carol, a DW Griffith's version of The Cricket on the Hearth, and a 1922 Oliver Twist staring Lon Chaney and Jackie Coogan.

If you prefer your movies with sound, however, then perhaps Shame is for you. This new film from artist turned film director Steve McQueen sees him again collaborating with actor Michael Fassbender, who played Bobby Sands in McQueen's starkly uncompromising Hunger.

Shame chronicles how the life of Fassbender's sex-addicted yuppie character, Brandon Sullivan, unravels after the arrival of his rootless, lounge-singing younger sister, played by Carey Mulligan. It is reportedly not for the easily shocked, but has already garnered a slew of awards and nominations around the world.

Finally, to round off the programme, a screening of Lelia Doolan's feted documentary about the life and work of activist and 'speechifier', Derry's Bernadette Devlin. Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey draws on highly-charged archive footage and extracts from more recent interviews. it is an indepth examination of both Devlin and the volatile period that shaped her.

A Q&A with Doolan will also take place on January 27 at 6.40pm following an introduction by Dr Liz Green of Queen's University. Visit the QFT website to find out more.