It's a wonderful winter programme at Queen's Film Theatre

The Halloween decorations have only just come down, but already the tinsel is going up. Time to brave the shops, spend like madmen and bulk up for winter...

For those desperate to escape Christmas madness, however, Queen’s Film Theatre has a schedule of art house film screenings lined up to provide just the right amount of distraction. And for those sorry few who await Christmas with bated breath, there's a screening or two for you too.

My Week with Marilyn, directed by Simon Curtis, tells the little-known story of the legendary actress, Marilyn Monroe, and a brief love affair she enjoyed whilst filming The Prince and the Showgirl in England.

Based on a book by Colin Clarke, who was a gofer on the set of The Prince and The Showgirl, the film chronicles the clash between Monroe (played with nervy conviction by Michelle Williams) and Kenneth Brannagh’s impatient, choleric Laurence Olivier. With her husband, playwright Arthur Miller, called away to Paris, Clarke spirits Monroe away to introduce her to British life.

Stealing Marilyn Monroe is one thing, but is it more or less impressive than stealing… an entire cinema? Susan Picken, manager of QFT, has abdicated control of the cinema to young people from the QFT Learning project.

The Takeover Film Festival is a weekend of films, workshops and talks aimed at a 15+ audience. There is no upper age limit. With Let The Right One In and Parked, a down-to-earth Irish production starring Colin Morgan of Merlin fame, there’s plenty to interest even those well past their teens.

NT Live will also be returning with the decidedly un-Christmassy Collaborators on December 1. Written by John Hodge (Trainspotting, Shallow Grave and The Beach) it is a surreal story of a Russian writer commissioned to create a play to celebrate Stalin’s 60th birthday. 

All well and good, we hear you say, but it wouldn’t be Christmas without a showing of that perennial seasonal favourite, It’s A Wonderful Life. Luckily the QFT has one planned. Not only that, but his year the Smiths will be joining the beloved Bailey family with a showing of Judy Garland’s feel-good musical, Meet Me in St Louis.

Finally, don’t miss the Unscripted season between November 10 and December 3, a series of events exploring cinema in a free-form, relaxed and fun way. Go to Queen's Film Theatre to find out more and to book tickets.