Ballymoney Museum

Ballymoney's local authority  has had a museum collection since 1860

Ballymoney is an area renowned for its rich and colourful history. The fertile land has appealed to settlers since the Irish Mesolithic Age, 9,000 years ago, and the ‘Route’, as the area is also known, has seen many invasions and conquests - by Celts, Vikings, Normans, Scots, and English.

In the past Millennium, the people of this region have endured two rebellions, in 1641 and 1798. During both uprisings the town was burned. Consequently, the only surviving building from early Ballymoney is the Old Church Tower which dates back to 1637 and features on the Borough Coat of Arms.

There has been a museum collection in local authority care in Ballymoney since at least 1860. There have been many important archaeological finds in the region and Ballymoney Museum is fortunate to hold some of them in its permanent collection. There are also unique exhibits associated with the political upheaval of the late 18th century and the United Irish Rebellion.

Despite the significance of the collection, the museum also pursues a programme of regular temporary displays, on themes such as sport, military history, arts & craft, local societies and archaeology.

In recent years, there has been an increase in overseas visitors researching their family history in the Ballymoney area. This has prompted the museum to offer advice, where possible, on genealogical resources.

Ballymoney Museum successfully demonstrates how a small local museum facility can appeal to every sector of the community, while also providing an entertaining half hour for the growing number of tourists which visit the town.

Ballymoney Museum
1 Townhead Street
Co Antrim
BT53 6BE

Telephone: 028 27660230 / 02827660245
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11 - 5pm.
Closed Sunday. Occasional extended opening hours