Creative Centenaries Call for Events

The commemorative project is now seeking submissions for its 1916 cultural heritage programme

An online hub for information, events and resources around the Decade of Centenaries in Northern Ireland has begun collating events and activities related to 1916 for a major cultural heritage programme taking place next year.

The Creative Centenaries project will commemorate and raise awareness of one of the most pivotal periods in Irish history through a three tiered approach - an exhibition will tour between Derry~Londonderry, Belfast and Dublin; an events programme working across the creative and cultural bases at key points throughout the year and an outreach strand will deliver creative and digital workshops on the ground in local communities.

As well as pulling together its own activity, Creative Centenaries will highlight the work taking place across Northern Ireland to address 1916 and the Decade of Centenaries.

Whether you're planning an exhibition on how the year impacted your area, organising a talk on local involvement in the Somme or staging a night of of music and poetry around the leaders of the Easter Rising, the project could help promote your event through inclusion in the programme.

To submit your event visit the Creative Centenaries website and complete the online form or email event details to