Garvagh Museum—A place to visit

Displaying artefacts from the Neolithic period to the recent past

Nestled behind the war memorial, just off Garvagh’s

Main Street

, is the site of the town’s museum. Inside, the building houses a fine collection of around 2000 artefacts, which epitomise life in the local rural community from Neolithic times to the more recent past. 


The home was the focal point of the family in the past, and a fully furnished kitchen, bathroom and bedroom has recently been recreated in the museum, featuring a most interesting display of early domestic utensils, many of which trace the evolution of our modern technological gadgets.


An impressive display in the museum’s entrance area tells the story of flax and linen. Another section illustrates the dairy industry with well preserved early milking machines and a large selection of churns and associated butter making utensils.


Both inside and outside there is a vast array of agricultural implements which provide an insight into the diversity of work in the local farming community.


The impressive display of first and second world war memorabilia includes a Samurai sword taken by a Coleraine soldier from a Japanese officer.


Wherever you come from, you are bound to find a visit to
Garvagh Museum a memorable experience. It is only by taking time to visit the museum that one can really appreciate all that this resource has to offer, and its contribution to our local heritage.


For more information, please ring +44 (0)28 2955 8216 or email