The Glens of Antrim Hotel

Serving tourists and the community for more than 200 years

It was Richard Dobbs statistical account of Ardclinis and Laid that stated ’There is a large and convenient house begun by William Richardson Esq. and finished by Mr Turnly, the present possessor of Cushendall; it is intended for a hotel, with convenient stabling so as to induce people to visit the town for the purpose of bathing, and for travellers to stop at; the house is near the sea, and water plenty at all times of the tide for bathing.’

The building described here was the Glens of Antrim Hotel and it was to cater for the locals and visitors alike for almost 200 years.

The Glens Hotel became very famous and, as it was the only hotel in the town for many years, did a tremendous trade. Opposite the hotel there were baths where one could bathe in sea water without venturing into the sea because water was transported to the baths.

Around 1930, the then owners, the Delargy family, leased the lands opposite and constructed a golf course. This was later taken over by the local Golf Club and remains an attractive and popular venue today.

The Glens Hotel became more than a popular hotel. It served almost as a community centre. Dances, whist drives, plays and concerts all took place on the premises. And it must be remembered that it was the first home and venue for the Glens of Antrim Historical Society.

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