Gortin Glen Forest Park

First forest park established in woodland planted for the sole purpose of timber production

Gortin Glen Forest Park is situated 9.5km outside Omagh at the western gateway to the Sperrin Mountains. The park was first opened in 1967 and embraces some 1534 hectares of ground. It has the distinction of being the first forest park to be established in purely coniferous woodland originally planted for the sole purpose of timber production.


The 8km long forest drive is a major recreational feature of the forest, offering breathtaking views. A number of vista parks have been created where the motorist can pull in and enjoy the scenery without getting out of their car.


A range of colour coded trails start from Gortin Glen’s main car park. The assistance of a forest guide is freely available to pre-booked organised groups. Shorter informal walks are also possible around the forest park.


The educational nature trail (2.5km) provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the park’s flora and fauna, taking in a range and variety of natural habitats. Information points along the way give an insight into Gortin Glen and the surrounding countryside. 

The Pollan Trail (2.5km) is a pleasant and picturesque trail, which follows the course of the Pollan burn as it tumbles down the mountainside. Stop for a few minutes at the waterfall and enjoy the beauty that centuries of water have carved in the solid rock. Continue on through the forests of Lodgepole pine and Sitka spruce before returning to the car park through Japanese larch planted in 1940.

The Ladies’ View Trail (3.5km) is a strenuous but rewarding walk. The route rises to 350m at its highest point, and provides superb views of the surrounding countryside. The path then leads back to the car park through diverse conifer woodland.

The horse riding trail is circular route of approximately 7km in the Glengowna area of the forest. The trail is marked along a metal track allowing the rider to enjoy the area without straying into the main recreational block. Permits must be obtained from the head forester.

There are also three mountain bike trails situated in the northern section of the forest above the Glenpark Road. The trails are graded from basic to moderate to off-road, only suitable for experienced cyclists.

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