The Indian Community Centre

Provides a range of services and organises activities for the Indian community

The Indian Community Centre is located in the Carlisle Methodist Memorial Church in Belfast, which was built in 1876. The ICC bought the church halls from the Department of Health and Social Services in 1980 and is managed by an executive committee, elected each year at an annual general meeting.

There are currently seven members in the executive committee and they depend upon a core group of volunteers to help organise and run its events and activities.

The ICC is keen to encourage the development of regional and sub-regional groups to further the work of the centre. It is a regional organisation, which provides a range of services and organises activities mainly for the Indian community in Northern Ireland. It also aims to provide facilities for people of Indian descent to maintain their philosophical, cultural and artistic heritage.

Promoting greater mutual understanding and respect amongst other minority ethnic and local communities, the ICC works to increase involvement with other communities, particularly in arts and cultural activities. This is organised through an outreach programme including workshops, performances and presentations throughout Northern Ireland.

Currently, the ICC is trying to encourage more people to become involved. This will enable it to set up action groups to develop specific areas such as social, cultural, constitutional and youth activities.