The Irish Guild

The official promotional organisation of the Irish linen industry

The Irish Guild, located at Hillsborough, Co Down, was founded in 1928 and is the official promotional organisation of the Irish linen industry. Its members range from spinners and weavers to finishers, merchants and designers. The main role of the Irish Guild is to promote Irish Linen in national and international textile markets, as well as in the interior design, fashion and clothing industries.

Promotional activities seek to emphasise the distinctive quality of Irish linen. This involves showcasing at major textile exhibitions. In addition to global media campaigns, consumer level marketing involves in-store promotions, fashion shows, and joint ventures with retailers and designers.

The Irish Guild also promotes Irish designers worldwide, trains sales staff, and produces educational packs for schools and design colleges.

The Guild ensures that the Irish linen brand’s registered trademark is not used fraudulently. It can only be used to mark genuine Irish linen products, such as linen yarn spun in Ireland, and linen fabric woven in Ireland by members of the Guild.