John Gray

Librarian of the Linen Hall Library since 1982

John Gray has been Librarian of the Linen Hall Library since 1982. He is Chairperson of the Library and Information Services Council (Northern Ireland), a Trustee of the National Library of Ireland, and a member of the British Library Advisory Council.

Gray has a wide range of other interests and is currently Chairperson of the Cave Hill Conservation Campaign and of the United Irishmen Commemoration Society. He is a former President of the Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society (the Belfast Society), and a former Chairperson of the Board of Governors of Hazelwood Integrated College.

He has written and broadcast extensively on Irish social and cultural history, and in particular as that relates to Belfast. Amongst his publications are City in revolt: James Larkin & the Belfast dock strike of 1907 (1985), The Sans Culottes of Belfast: the United Irishmen and the men of no property (1998) and Troubled images: posters and images of the Northern Ireland conflict (2001).