Jonathan Bardon

The pre-eminent historian of Belfast

A Dubliner educated at Queen’s University, Belfast, Jonathan Bardon has established himself as the pre-eminent historian of his adopted city. His monumental work Belfast: An Illustrated History was, in 1981, the first authoritative, narrative history of the city to be published since the second world war. It became a publishing sensation.

Bardon’s second offering, the near 1000 page A History of Ulster in 1992, created an international following for Bardon’s characteristic, accessible yet authoritative style.

Bardon has also been a teacher and educationalist in various guises since arriving in the city in 1963. He worked first as a history teacher at Orangefield Secondary School and later at the Belfast Institute. He now teaches at Queen’s full time.

Heavily influenced by EE Evans, and aware of the impact that historical thinking can have upon the minds of the young, Bardon has reached a wider audience than most purely academic historians can dream of, and yet has not sacrificed his dedication to fact and detail.