Learning to Microwave

Researching the experience of older people and the arts

Arts for Older People Network exists to support older people in the arts and those who work with them through the provision of training, advice on funding and a platform for lobbying and profiling change.

Over the next few months, the Network will research good practice in arts by and for older people across Northern Ireland for its 'Learning to Microwave' project, named after a Seamus Heaney poem identifying a new lease of life in old age.

Particular areas of interest include good practice / policies / procedures adopted by organisations in NI in terms of their treatment and involvement of older people, whether this be as an older artist (e.g. showcasing work of older artists), participant (e.g. programmes for specifically older participants, intergenerational programmes) or attendees (e.g. concessionary fares, off-peak rates, travel support, etc).

We are also interested in the experience of older artists, the portrayal of growing older within the arts and good practice by local arts groups targeted towards older members, participants or audiences. Part of the project will involve development of a basic database of artists who might be willing to work with older people.

If you would like to promote yourself to older people's groups and age sector organisations and are interested in working with older people, or if you, your group or organisation has produced information, research or guidance relevant to this research, Arts for Older People Network would welcome any details you could provide. Contact Donna Morrow by email to aopn_research@yahoo.co.uk or leave a message on 07816 845 313 for Donna to return your call.