Poems from Pomeroy

Commemorative verses from Pomeroy LOL

On the 29th June, 1810 on the front cover of the minute book of LOL 202 (Pomeroy) a Bro John McElhatton wrote the following verse:

Brother McElhatton is my name,
Ireland is my nation,
Corkhill is my dwelling place
And Christ is my salvation.
When I am dead and in my grave
And when my bones is rotten,
This Orange Book will tell my name
When otherwise forgotten.

Moree LOL 195 Elizabeth II New Hall

A gallant band of Orangmen had built a fine new hall.
And when it was completed, on their brethren they did call.
To come and see it opened and to dedicate it, too.
With ceremonial splendour and the colours Orange and Blue.
On the Thirteenth of September, the day was bright and clear.
When thousands of good Orangemen with the banners did appear.
There were Brass Bands by the dozen and Flute Bands by the score.
And at the New Church all formed up, like William’s sons of yore.

It was a sight to see them with the banners waving high.
While up above the sun beamed down from out an azure sky:
Yes, proudly they did march, to the music of the bands.
Right past the hall and to the Rock, this had been their commands.
A stately gathering of brave men, with the Purple and the Blue.
And then they halted in the field at old Drumballybue.
No one who viewed this great parade will e’er forget the scene.
The mingling of the Orange amid the fields of Green.

Brother Hughes from Pomeroy came to open the new Hall,
And those who listened thought it was the finest speech of all:
He spoke of the great brotherhood to which they all belonged,
And said that it was prospering to those around him thronged.
Then a traveller for “Unionist,” the monthly publication,
A picture of our Queen he gave and got a great ovation
Elizabeth the Second, that’s what the Hall was named,
And if we cheered too loudly, of course, we can’t be blamed.

To the Master of One and Ninety-Five, good luck and all the best:
To all the officers, the same good days and no unrest
And to Buchanan, noble name, the scribe and secretary,
Who did an awful lot of work from June to January.
His ancestors long, long ago, were useful with the quill.
And so the gift was handed down : a Buchanan’s writing still
To the ladies of “Moree” the best, who helped with might and main,
I raise my glass to toast them in sunshine, or in rain.

Brother Hill deserves much praise, he worked with right good will
To make the day a huge success and surely topped the bill.
Our Brother Joseph Allen was Chairman on that day
And performed his duty well and true as everyone did say.

Far famed “Moree” that little lodge, who worked as brothers can
To build themselves an Orange Hall and did it all to plan :
They saw the vision in their dreams, like Jacob long ago.
Three steps were in the ladder : they ascended, don’t you know.
And those who’d like to travel, and learn what those steps are.
Can join One and Ninety-Five today and wear our silver star.
God bless good Queen Elizabeth, “Moree” Hall bears her name.
And we, her loyal subjects, wish her long life and great fame.

William Irvine