Saint Patrick Centre

Shining a light on the story of Ireland's patron saint

The Saint Patrick Centre is a new and exciting interpretative exhibition telling the fascinating story of Ireland's patron saint.

Through Patrick's own words a light is shone on the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and its development through his mission. A series of interactive displays allow visitors to explore how Patrick's legacy developed in early Christian times and reveal the fabulous artwork and metalwork produced during this Golden Age.

The exhibition also examines the major impact of Irish missionaries in Dark Age Europe – a legacy which remains to this day.

But the Saint Patrick Centre is much more than a cutting edge exhibition. It acts as a hub for tourism in the area, and a focal point for a wide range of educational, religious and cultural interests. Attractions include:

·         The exhibition
·         Arts and crafts exhibitions
·         The terrace restaurant
·         The Internet cafe
·         Tourist information centre
·         BBC regional studio
·         Crafts and gift shop

The Saint Patrick exhibition uses 21st century technology to depict the story of Ireland's patron saint. Bold graphics, sculptures, video and audio technologies are used to convey the detailed storyline and enliven visits.

Visitors should pay particular attention to the ‘Sound Cones’, the latest audio technique, which create an umbrella of pure sound within some parts of the exhibition.

Look for the numbered 'target marks' on the floor and step onto these in sequence to hear details of what is being shown on the screens in front of you.

The Saint Patrick Centre is in Downpatrick, only 30 minutes from Belfast and 2.5 hours from Dublin. For further information call +44 28 4461 9000 or log on to the centre’s website.